Integrate your Espresso HR account with Slack to request absences, check who’s out of the office, get notified about new absence requests requiring your approval, or even check your holiday allowance! 

Setting up slack couldn’t be easier: 

  • Login into Espresso HR as a user with administrator permissions
  • Navigate to the Manage section, and then click on the Slack menu item
  • Click the Add to Slack button
  • This will take you to the Slack activation page where you will need to approve Slack for integration with your Espresso HR account. Once you provide permission, you will be taken back to Espresso HR and you can start making use of our Slack Slash commands! 

Slash Commands

This command returns a summary from Espresso HR regarding any absences, birthdays or work anniversaries.

This command returns you a summary of your current holiday allowance in Espresso HR

This command starts an interactive process to allow you to request an absence from work. You can select the type of absence, the starting date, and the end date. Your team approver will be notified of your request! 

Getting Help

If you need assistance with setting up either your EspressoHR account or using the integration between EspressoHR and Slack, please contact us by email at info@espressohr.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

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