Employee Records Management

Store all your employee data in one secure place

Central Employee Database View

Centralised Employee Database

Espresso HR brings all your employee records into one central database. Updating employee information is simple, consistent, and always on hand. 

Your employees can even help keep their information up to date themselves, ensuring you have accurate records at all times.

Employment Records

Track your employees’ employment history with you. Any changes to their job title, department, or salary can be recorded and reviewed in seconds.  

Personal Details

When your employees want to request some time off, they shouldn’t have to come to you to start the process. With our self-service portal, you can empower your employees so that they can request absences themselves.

All they have to do is select what type of absence it is and pick when it is for. They can use their team calendar to find a good time to take off without leaving their team under-staffed.

They can do this at any time, even from their mobile phone! 

Emergency Contacts

Next of kin, dependants and other emergency contact details for each of your employees are a vital piece of information for your company to access. 

Your employees can review and edit their own emergency contacts via the self-service portal.

Store Emergency Contact Details
Employee Organisation Structure

Organisational Structure

You can record the manager for each of your employees. Allowing everyone to know who reports to who. 

Company Directory

Let your new employees get to know your company by giving them access to your entire company directory. 

Here they can see who is in each team or department and who reports to who. 

They can even look up work contact details for their colleagues whenever they need to.

Company Directory Views

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